The Hollywood look with Cinematic skin tones
I have tried similar freeware and commercial LUTs and KinoLUT has got my vote for THE most flesh-friendly orange/teal LUT.

Karin Gottschalk, Planet5D

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Cinematic Look

The best Teal-Orange look, with super skin tones

No compromises on skin tones

Skin tones are the most important color in your footage. the KinoLUT preserves them.


Instead of looking for a video plugin able to change the color temperature of your footage, just pick from a KinoLUT variation. 12 color temperatures and 5 exposures to choose from.

Use it now and everywhere

LUT's are documents that can be read by just every editing software in the market.

KinoLUT Demo

The finest film look LUT in the market. Use the variations to exactly get the exposure and the temperature you want from your footage.

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A/B Comparisons

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KinoLUT Instructions
Download the pdf: Here

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